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Why wouldn’t you wrap your Amazon Echo Dot in this luxurious leather case?

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Seriously, why on earth wouldn’t you do this?

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Any Amazon Echo Dot owners feeling a little envious of the new Google Home — with its fancy swappable metal and fabric magnetic bases — can take solace in the fact that they can now have decor-matching cases of their own.

Amazon has started selling cases for the Echo Dot in a variety of colors and materials, freeing owners from having to tolerate the now-bland black and white options on offer. The cases are only designed to fit the second-generation Echo Dot, and will still allow access to all the buttons, ports, and most importantly, the view of the LED light ring on top.

As an added bonus for Amazon fans currently sizing up Google’s own connected assistant, while Google’s Home bases are still listed as nebulously “coming soon,” the Echo Dot cases are available now (with Prime shipping) from Amazon. Fabric cases will run you $14.99 each, while the obviously superior choice of full-grain leather will cost a bit more, at $19.99.