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B&O Play’s wireless H9 headphones feature noise cancellation in an over-ear fit

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B&O Play introduced a new pair of wireless, noise-canceling headphones today called the Beoplay H9. The H9 and its predecessor, the H8, are both wireless and noise-canceling, but the H9 fits over the ear, unlike the on-ear H8. That’s the key difference between the two headphones, as they’re both priced at $499.

Like the H8, the H9 employs touch control on one side of the headphones. Both pairs also resemble each other almost exactly and incorporate leather and lambskin.


The H9 has fewer color options than the H8, which is slightly disappointing. The red H8s look moody as hell, and I love them. I wish that color was available in the H9. Alas, the H9 is only available in black or camel. Sad.

The H9 isn’t B&O Play’s first over-ear wireless headphones — that was the H7 — but the H9 is the first pair to also feature active noise cancellation. Given the quality on earlier models, we have high expectations for the H9 (we love the older and cheaper H6, a wired over-ear model).