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Korg stuffed all the features of its Wavestation synth into an app

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The Wavestation synth was released in 1990 for around $2,000. It’s a classic device, but one that was never exactly affordable. Now Korg, the company behind Wavestation, is packing everything the synth offers into an iOS app called iWavestation. That app costs only $19.99, so yeah, it’s way more accessible. Korg had already released Wavestation as a Windows and Mac application for $99.99, but now you can go completely mobile.

Original synth fans will likely appreciate that the app recreates the Wavestation’s memorable joystick to emulate changing the synth’s multiple oscillators. Korg says the sounds and actual functionality are exactly the same as the original instrument but that in certain situations, sound can be manipulated in ways that were never previously possible. The app contains 1,500 sounds, 700 waveforms, and 55 effects, plus a feature that immediately creates different wave sequences. The future!