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Patch is another crowdfunded campaign to replace your smartwatch with a connected watch band

If you want to get smartwatch functionality with the look of an analog watch, it's looking like connected watch bands are increasingly the way to go.

Patch is the latest company to try crowdfunding a smart band. Like the Origin or Classi bands, it's a self-contained product that's completely separate from the wristwatch itself. The Patch bands can track fitness activity, vibrate to alert you of notifications, and control your phone with gestures. It’s available in leather or in a variety of fun nylon prints, and comes in 24mm, 22mm, 20mm, and 18mm widths for different watch sizes.

While smartwatches tend to have to be charged on an almost daily basis, the Patch eschews a recharged battery for a coin cell, tucked away in the band, which the company claims offers about three months of battery life before needing to be replaced. It's an interesting decision, but I'm not sure the extended battery life is worth the cost of constantly having to buy new batteries every few months.

The Patch is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, with the leather option selling for $62 and the nylon version for $49. The company is hoping to ship in June 2017. As always, Patch is a new company that hasn't shipped a hardware product before, so use your own judgement before backing.