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Google’s Daydream View VR headset is now available in crimson red and white

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Both ship by December 8th

Daydream View

Starting today, Google’s Daydream View VR headset comes in two new colors: crimson (dark red) and snow (white). Both are available for immediate purchase from the company’s online store, are scheduled to ship by December 8th, and are priced at $79 — same as the gray/slate version that’s been on sale for a few weeks.

Google unveiled all three colors together back when we got our first look at the Daydream View headset, but these two weren’t quite ready for launch. Now they’re here. Crimson is definitely the best of the trio to my eyes; I don’t know why you’d get something like this in white. Seems like it’d get filthy. Sadly I’m not yet hitting buy for three reasons: I’ve got the regular Pixel, only have good vision in one eye, and no matter what I do (even wearing my glasses in PlayStation VR), everything always looks blurry to me. Alas, maybe VR just isn’t a fit for me as a human.

But if you love it — and there’s a lot to like with Daydream — now you can check out the View in its best hue. It’s just a shame these weren’t an option for those freebie deals back when the Pixel phones launched.