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You too can own Bluetooth-connected, heated insoles

You too can own Bluetooth-connected, heated insoles

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Heated insoles are nothing new. Although I haven’t used them, and would likely constantly worry about them overheating and burning my feet, they sound like they solve a legitimate problem. They keep your feet warm during winter walks or on ski trips. Yes, ski trips! Now, a European company called +T wants to bring heated insoles into the future by turning them into an Internet of Things device. Naturally.

The company launched a Kickstarter this past week for its +Winter heated insoles, and unlike similar products, these insoles wirelessly charge, pair with an app over Bluetooth to set a temperature and monitor battery life, and have an accelerometer built-in so they turn on whenever a wearer starts walking. They should last about five hours, are water-resistant, and purportedly won’t light on fire. Has +T thought of everything?

No, they haven’t because these insoles don’t activity track. Oh well. We’ve previously seen Bluetooth-connected insoles at CES, but those didn’t include an accelerometer.

The insoles are already out in Europe, but +T says the Kickstarter funding will help the company start shipping to the US. A pair starts at $98.

Honestly, the +Winter sounds amazing. We can all agree winter is terrible because of cold weather, so anything that keeps at least one body part warm is a big time step up. As the conventional wisdom goes: so long as your feet are warm, you are warm. (No one actually says that but I do kind of believe it.)