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Synaptics announces an under-glass fingerprint sensor

Synaptics announces an under-glass fingerprint sensor


Is this the fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S8?

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Digital Fingerprint

Synaptics has announced a new optical fingerprint sensor that can offer fingerprint scanning for smartphones and tablets through glass that’s up to 1mm thick. 

The FS9100 is also waterproof and scratch proof

The new sensor, called Synaptics FS9100, would solve many of the current issues that conventional scanners currently have: it would allow for fingerprint security without requiring a separate button cut-out, and it would also function far better with wet fingertips. Additionally, Synaptics claims that since the FS9100 is protected by the glass panel it is also waterproof, scratch proof, and far more durable than exposed sensors. 

The sensors are scheduled for sampling in early 2017, with mass production planned for later in the year. While no devices have been announced yet that will use the new sensor, Samsung has historically sourced Synaptic sensors in the past. So it’s possible we could see it in a future Samsung device like the Galaxy S8, which will reportedly have an all-screen design