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You can get prescription lenses for your Spectacles for as little as $29

You can get prescription lenses for your Spectacles for as little as $29

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Snap Inc.'s Spectacles are the latest craze (assuming you can buy a pair). But if you regularly wear glasses, it can be a bit of a challenge to use the Snapchat sunglasses, which aren't available with prescription lenses. 

Starting at $29 for single vision lenses

Thankfully, online glasses company is aiming to help that, offering prescription Spectacle lenses starting at $29 for single vision lenses, although that cost can rapidly increase depending on tinting, UV protection, and prescription type. Still, it's potentially a much cheaper option for those looking to upgrade their Spectacles to full-out prescription glasses.

Although Rochester Optical may have beaten to the punch in offering prescription Spectacle lenses, their lenses started at $99 — almost as much as the $129 Spectacles themselves. The company originally required you to ship your Spectacles to its store in Rochester, NY to install the lenses, but now it's offering a self-installation option.

The Spectacles lenses are available now, and ship in 10–12 days with an included tutorial for popping out the old lenses to replace them with your new prescription.