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Two teens built this Lego robot to sign Christmas cards for them

Two teens built this Lego robot to sign Christmas cards for them


Lego make everything better

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Christmas card writing sucks (or so I'm told — I’ve going to be honest and admit that I’ve never actually written a Christmas card in my life). But, you know what would make things better? Robots. Robots make everything better! And the only way to improve on a card-writing robot, of course, would be to make it out of the most fun toy in the world: Lego! Which is exactly what creative teenagers Sanjay and Arvind Seshan have done. 

The Holiday Plott3r is a Lego MindStorms-powered creation that cleverly uses Lego's modular robotic platform to print Christmas cards in snowflake, holiday tree, and Santa designs. The Seshans’ festive creation seems to be working similar to a dot-matrix printer, using two markers to create the images dot by dot, which is pretty impressive given that it's made out of, well, Lego. When the printing is done, a second contraption slides out an envelope ready for your beautiful, new card.

So, this holiday season, consider putting down the pens and paper and pick up some Lego instead... assuming you can figure out how on earth these two kids actually managed to put this together, anyway.