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Are you tired enough that you’re willing to sleep on cardboard?

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The PowerSiesta is a foldable piece of cardboard that you can take on a plane for sleep. This gadget is self-explanatory, so I think I’ll just let you figure it out. See here:


Listen, sleeping on a plane is rough. I get it. Most seats are cramped and finding a way to rest your head isn’t as obvious a task as one would think. I’m short, so I have an easier time of it, but I feel for you tall people. You can’t curl into a compact ball like me. However, even us short people have necks that don’t like to bob up and down or twist in strange directions.

My question about PowerSiesta is whether it’s a step up from a neck pillow. Your neck definitely could still hurt in this side position. I just don’t get why people want to get rid of the neck pillow! What did the neck pillow ever do to you, other than be severely overpriced in airport stores? The PowerSiesta starts at $17, by the way, which is arguably expensive for cardboard. I don’t know if a cardboard tray is the way to approach the issue of sleeping in public.

Okay so what’s the least-embarrassing sleep solution: the Ostrich Pillow, the NodPod, the PowerSiesta, or the classic neck pillow?