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Here are a few apps being enhanced for Android Wear 2.0

Here are a few apps being enhanced for Android Wear 2.0


Foursquare has got you

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Android Wear 2.0 hands on photos

Google delayed the launch of Android Wear 2.0 until next year. I know, sad. But with its release, Android Wear will support third-party standalone apps. Happy! This week, we got a preview of what we can expect from developers like Foursquare, Glide, and Lifesum when it comes to their updated Android Wear apps.

Developers can now create apps that’ll run natively on Android Wear devices. As we saw demonstrated at Google I/O this year, apps can have widgets embedded in a watchface, which can then launch specific apps or perform certain actions when tapped. Users can also search for, install, and use apps through their device.

Glide, a video messaging service, will let users broadcast directly from the watchface, for instance. By tapping contact shortcuts from the watchface, users can launch directly into a conversation. Glide released a similar app for Huawei Watch and the 49mm ASUS ZenWatch 2, both of which have built-in speakers. This new update will presumably bring the feature to all updated Android Wear devices.


Meanwhile, Foursquare created a “clean new canvas” for notifications on Android Wear 2.0 that’ll presumably let users know when they’re near somewhere cool to eat or drink, but without forcing them to stare down at the device. I’m all for less screen time.

And finally, Lifesum’s standalone Android Wear app will help users keep track of their calorie and water intake throughout the day with a widget on the watchface. See here:


Who doesn’t love being reminded of everything they ate? Certainly not me.