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This illuminated candy-colored RAM looks good enough to eat

This illuminated candy-colored RAM looks good enough to eat


Trident and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-RAM

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Earlier this year, my colleague Vlad Savov covered the Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM, which science had empirically determined to be the most lit RAM ever made. However, where many of us were simply blinded by the Vengeance LED’s pulsing red LED lights, high-end RAM manufacturer G.Skill seems to have taken it as a challenge, which the company has met with its new Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM modules.

Unlike the Vengeance LED, which only offered a single color of RAM illumination, the Trident Z RGB offers a rainbow of colorful LEDs, which the RAM will cycle through in a mesmerizing blend of colors. Alternatively, users will be able to control the colorful light bar with a future software update.

When it comes to the actual function of working as random access memory, the Trident Z RGB appears to be similar to the company’s existing Trident Z line, although pricing and exact specs have yet to be announced. The Trident Z RGB will be available to add some rainbow-colored joy to your gaming rig sometime in January 2017.