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Circuit Breaker

This is the first MagSafe replacement that offers charging, data, and video in one cable

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It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done

After Apple killed off the beloved MagSafe connector on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, plenty of third-party firms have started offering their own solutions. But, they’ve all had limitations, such as offering power but no data, or not being reversible.

The MagNeo, which recently launched on Kickstarter, looks to be the most fully-featured MagSafe substitute we’ve seen. It offers charging at up to 100 watts (needed for the 15-inch MacBook Pro), data transfer up to speeds of 10GB, video up to 5K, and it retains the reversibility of USB-C.

The MagNeo supports charging, data, and video.

The main problem is that it’s just not very nice to look at. Its creators Branch point out that it’s got a shorter profile than the Griffin BreakSafe, another MagSafe replacement, but it’s also quite a bit chunkier and comes with Branch’s logo on top. Still, if you’re looking for functionality rather than sleek design, the MagNeo might be the one for you.