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Circuit Breaker

This SNES-themed mechanical keyboard means even your typing will be nostalgic for the ‘90s

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Do you remember the ‘90s? Of course you remember the ‘90s. We had Friends. Tamagotchi. Grunge. Pogs. Everyone ran around in flannel shirts, bleaching each others’ hair and singing Spice Girls. And because the ‘90s were so great (you were young, your back didn’t hurt, you felt alive,), why not relive that decade every day of your damn life for ever and ever with this SNES-themed mechanical keyboard. Radical, right?

Okay, so, ‘90s nostalgia is definitely overplayed at this point. But the full-sized Hyper Clack keyboard from Hyperkin at least looks pretty good in its own right. The gray and lilac highlights recall a certain well-known video games console made by Nintendo (and which goes unmentioned in the marketing material, presumably for trademark reasons) and it uses clicky Gaote Blue keys — a clone of Cherry MX Blues. You can get it yourself for $99.99, and ensure the ‘90s never, ever die.