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Plume’s pint-sized Wi-Fi pods are now available

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A pod in each room keeps the Wi-Fi doctor away


Plume is announcing today that its Adaptive WiFi system is now available for purchase, following pre-orders earlier this summer. Plume is a mesh-based home Wi-Fi system that uses compact "pods" to provide coverage in every room of your home. The system is managed by a backend system that monitors the network and adjusts it according to devices and load.

Like Eero and other mesh systems, Plume is meant to prevent signal drops and dead spots in your home. However, unlike Eero, which is meant to cover a home with a few nodes, Plume’s pods are designed to go in each room you want to have internet access. Each pod has a single ethernet port and plugs directly into a power outlet. They are then wirelessly linked together to provide continuous coverage throughout your home The system updates its traffic management patterns periodically based on how you use the network and how much demand is on certain pods. The company says that each pod has the same Wi-Fi capabilities in an Eero unit, but is much smaller and cheaper to produce because all of the computational processing is done in Plume’s cloud.


Plume CEO Fahri Diner notes that the system does not use standard mesh protocols, but a proprietary system that can alternate Wi-Fi bands and channels as needed to avoid interference and manage demand. The system can prioritize certain pods for high-bandwidth activities, such as 4K video streaming.

Each Plume Adaptive Wifi pod costs $69, while a three-pack is $179 and a six-pack is $329. They are available in champagne, silver, or black, and the company recommends one pod per room. The Plume system can be purchased direct from the company’s online store.