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Samsung’s new Gear S3 bands class up the smartwatch

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Samsung’s Gear S3 came with GPS, cellular connectivity, and a lot more bulk. We didn’t love that. But Samsung attempted to make up for the extra weight by partnering with design-oriented tech accessory companies, like SLG Design and Strap Studio, to give the watch a little more style. The two companies created swappable bands that are now shipping.

Strap Studio’s bands are made of leather and look like something a business-oriented person would wear. They’re classy. I think the Nappa Orange color is particularly interesting, but maybe only works if you live in Palm Springs, California. The band costs $29.99.

Strap Studio

SLG Design focused more on texture with its canvas bands. It did create some leather options, too, but I prefer Strap Studio’s. Here’s a khaki-colored canvas band that sells for $49. Very camper chic.

SLG Design

So overall, not bad options! Actually, I don’t think having more accessory choices is ever a bad thing, but still. Good work on bands.