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Growing marijuana at home could become as easy as plugging in a machine and walking away

Growing marijuana at home could become as easy as plugging in a machine and walking away

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More and more people are going to be interested in growing their own marijuana after this year’s US election, which made marijuana usage legal both recreationally and medically in even more states. The gadget market is, of course, going to respond. We’ve already seen at least one device — the Grobo — aimed at making marijuana gardening easy and accessible. Now another company is launching a similar device called the Leaf.

The Leaf resembles a refrigerator and is meant to completely take care of the growing process once seeds are planted. It’ll eventually retail for $2,990 and only ships to the US and Canada. For comparison, Grobo costs $1,399 and works in much the same way.

Generally, Leaf tries to make growing marijuana as easy as possible. The machine is supposed to water, keep track of, and grow a plant without any human interaction. Everything is monitored through the device’s companion iOS / Android app, and adjustments can also be made there for a more personal experience.

Leaf and Grobo have different ways of letting you keep an eye on your plants. Leaf has a built-in camera, which Grobo doesn’t. But Grobo has a transparent door, whereas Leaf’s is opaque. Leaf also supports proprietary nutrient cartridges — purchased straight from Leaf’s manufacturer, of course — that supposedly help the plant grow; the machine additionally comes with a drying mode for after the plant is fully matured.

Now, I know what you’re wondering — and yes, it’s a completely illogical thing to wonder — but let’s admit that we all want to know it: if I buy Leaf, does that somehow make it legal to buy weed in my state and / or country where marijuana isn’t legal? Or rather, can I get marijuana seeds directly from Leaf? The answer is: no. I’m sorry. But feel free to look at your local dispensary or even online for some seeds. Always operate within the law, though, you hear? I don’t want anyone getting arrested over a gadget.

Leaf also wants you to know that you don’t have to grow marijuana in it. You could alternatively plant other herbs, like basil maybe, which I know you’re very excited about.