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Raumfeld finally releases the Google Cast support it announced almost a year ago at CES 2016

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Better late than never

Raumfeld One M

Raumfeld announced today that it's releasing an update for its wireless speakers to add Google Cast support. The Cast update is available today over Wi-Fi and is compatible with all current Raumfeld speakers.

The addition of Google Cast comes almost a year after its original announcement at CES 2016, where it was initially planned for a spring release. With today's update, Google Cast joins the existing Tidal, TuneIn,, and Spotify Connect options already offered on Raumfeld's devices. Furthermore, through Cast, Raumfeld's speakers have gained a wealth of new compatibility options with streaming service apps, something that has typically been the company's biggest weaknesses when compared to its main competitor, Sonos (who still dominates the wireless multi-room speaker market).

The Google Cast update is available today on any current Raumfeld speakers. Existing speakers will need to be updated to the latest software using the Raumfeld app for Android or iOS.