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Technics' SL-1200G turntable promises 'the smoothest possible' way to spin vinyl

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Technics is bringing back the SL-1200 turntable — still legendary among DJs — for its 50th anniversary. We knew the turntable would come out in both limited-edition and wide-release formats, and now Technics is announcing specs for the latter.

The good news is, Technics' wide-release model, called the SL-1200G, is virtually identical to the limited-edition model on paper. For whatever reason, the SL-1200G is about 3mm taller than the limited-edition model, but that appears to be about it. No matter which version of the turntable you buy, you're getting a serious machine aimed at true audiophiles.

The limited edition-model sold out in 30 minutes

Here's the really neat thing: Technics is putting sensors around the SL-1200G's drive motor to detect and suppress any minute rumbles that could subtly degrade the sound. Its system is supposed to provide "the smoothest possible rotary control," although audiophiles may still be skeptical. Since it was built for DJs, the SL-1200G uses a direct-drive system, rather than a belt-drive system, so there's still a risk of motor noise.

Pricing on the SL-1200G hasn't been announced yet, but expect it to be pretty expensive. The turntable's first limited-edition run, of 300 units, sold for $3,300 each and sold out in under 30 minutes. The wide-release model will go on sale sometime in August.