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Here's a look at Fujifilm's next major camera

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The unannounced X-T2 breaks cover thanks to an eBay listing


We just published our review of the excellent Fujifilm X-Pro 2 this morning, but the next big thing coming from the company has leaked out thanks to an eBay listing of an unannounced X-T2. The X-T2 is expected to be a followup to 2014's X-T1, and according to the images attached to the eBay listing, looks very similar to the prior model. A new control stick (lifted from the X-Pro 2) and an expanded ISO range appear to be the major changes.

The listing, which has apparently been pulled but was captured by Fuji Rumors before it came down, says the device is a fully working "preview unit". Fujifilm, as does many other device manufacturers, often sends out prerelease cameras to special testers to get feedback before the product is brought to market, and it appears that's where this model came from.

Fujifilm X-T2 leak FujiRumors

PetaPixel lifted the shadows and brightened a couple of the images that were attached to the eBay listing to show the new control stick and rear of the camera. There aren't any other details to go on about the X-T2 just yet, but it's likely that it will receive many of the upgrades found in the X-Pro 2 whenever it does come to market.

Fujifilm X-T2 leak FujiRumors