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ConnectedNES project puts Twitter on an original Nintendo

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Tiny, cheap computers like the Particle Photon, open-source communities like GitHub, and a little bit of imagination are all it takes these days to launch industries. Or, you know, to hack your NES so it can show Tweets. All forms of expression are welcome.

Rachel Weil (hxlnt on GitHub) has made a "modem" of sorts for her NES, which connects to a server over Wi-Fi and feeds data into a custom game over the controller port — the end result is 8-bit Twitter. Since it's open-source you can dig into her code, which ranges from JavaScript to NES assembly.

If this kind of thing makes you very warm and happy inside, you should check out this SNES hack which pulled Twitch chat into a Pokémon game running on a Super Game Boy.

Rachel Weil