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Nest releases open-source version of its networking protocol

Nest releases open-source version of its networking protocol

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Nest announced today that it is releasing an open-source version of its Thread networking protocol. Called OpenThread, the protocol makes the technology already used by Nest's products available to other developers and device makers. The company says that this will make it easier for other connected device makers to bring their products to market, as they won't have to create their own networking protocol. Additionally, consumers will benefit from more devices that integrate with Nest's systems.

Thread is Nest's mesh networking protocol that lets low-power devices communicate with each other and wireless networks. It is designed for smart home products, such as door bells, lights, thermostats, smoke detectors, and more.

Nest OpenThread logo

The company says that wireless devices that are already available can be updated to Thread, as long as they already support 802.15.4 wireless standards. ARM, Atmel, Dialog Semiconductor, Qualcomm Technologies, and Texas Instruments are contributing to OpenThread in addition to Nest, and it can run on radios and development kits from NXP Semiconductors and Silicon Labs.