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Circuit Breaker

SeaDrone isn't a submarine for everyone, but for more people maybe

Forget Planet Earth for checking out the sea floor because now there's a drone to do that for you. And naturally, it streams everything it sees in HD video. The SeaDrone, which is set to ship at the end of this summer, goes underwater to help fish farmers see what they're doing. The drone's creators aren't the first to put a robot underwater, ehem submarines, but they say SeaDrone is a more accessible alternative to other submersibles, which can cost at least $10,000. A SeaDrone starter kit starts at $2,699.

The key to keeping the drone cheap and functional is its underwater thrusters, which IEEE Spectrum says the creators manufacture for tens of dollars, as opposed to thousands of dollars. Still, the SeaDrone can cost up to $3,300, depending on how many thrusters a user wants included.