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Google starts selling its Cardboard VR viewer outside the US

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Google first started selling its Cardboard VR viewer for $15 in February, but it was limited to the US. If you still haven't managed to pick one up from a third-party, trade show, or some type of promotion, you can now buy one direct from Google in the UK, France, Germany, and Canada. Google is selling its original Cardboard design, but not the updated C1 Glass viewer or the Mattel View-Master edition.

Pricing in Canada is $20 or $35 for a pair, or 20 Euro in France and Germany and 30 Euro for two, and in the UK it's £15 each or £25 for two. That's a little pricier than the US currency equivalent, but Google selling them directly outside of the US is one of only a few ways that you'll be able to secure a unit. Google's Cardboard VR viewer is compatible with most phones under six inches in size, and it's available from the company's online store.