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Logi’s ZeroTouch is a smart way to text in your car without typing

Logi’s ZeroTouch is a smart way to text in your car without typing

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A lot of companies have attempted to solve the problem of texting and driving without your hands, and now Logitech thinks it has the solution. Logi (Logitech's consumer brand) ZeroTouch is a dashboard or air vent mount that works with any car. A Bluetooth-enabled mount lets you place your phone and interact with it using your voice or gestures.

A ZeroTouch app for Android automatically detects the phone has been placed on the mount and launches into a driving mode designed to let you send texts, make calls, navigate roads, and stream music. There are gestures to control the playback of texts by waving your hand over the front-facing camera, and the app will even intelligently suggest responses to texts to quickly enable location sharing.

Spotify and Deezer are supported for music streaming, to detect and play songs, and Google Maps, Navigon, and Waze are all available for navigation. Logi's ZeroTouch will only be available on Android initially, likely because iOS has restrictions against third-party apps reading and replying to text messages. The air vent version of ZeroTouch will be priced at $59.99, and the dashboard version will cost $79.99.