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Circuit Breaker

To explore space all you need is 64K

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Demoscene is always astonishing. Artists and programmers take on a ridiculous constraint, like a Windows executable of 64 kibibytes (65,536 bytes, smaller than your average JPEG), and make something mind-melting out of it. Procedurally generated everything, mixed with all the tools of film composition and graphics programming. It's amazing that anything shows up on the screen at all (even phone apps are typically in the tens of megabytes), and yet you're treated to an audiovisual masterpiece.

The latest of these to take the "scene" by storm is fermi paradox which recently came in first place at Revision 2016 in the 64K category. fermi paradox, created by the Mercury demogroup, is nothing less than a tour through space, alien landscapes, and the endless horizons of possibilities. It's a really good use of 64K, let's just say that.