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Samsung made a Galaxy Surfboard so you’re not disconnected at sea

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All technology companies are chasing what comes after the smartphone. Is it the smartwatch? Is it virtual reality? Is it an internet-connected surfboard? Samsung thinks so. It's definitely not April Fools' day anymore, but Samsung Brazil has created a commercial featuring Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina and a wild Samsung Galaxy Surfboard concept.

It looks like any regular sleek surfboard, except it has an LED display that's powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 that slots into the base of the board. Samsung's melodramatic commercial features Medina as a lonely surfer who needs messages of encouragement flashing up beneath his feet. It looks like Samsung's concept surfboard is primarily designed to let fans send messages of encouragement through Twitter, but it also has some useful information beyond the marketing.

The surfboard can feed live conditions of the sea straight onto the display, alongside wind direction and the frequency / height of waves. Trainers can even send surfers messages to help improve their technique. Those might be practical uses for an internet-connected surfboard, but it's really just a marketing gimmick we can all laugh at. Until Samsung actually starts shipping a Galaxy Surfboard, let's all just bask in the glory of the stupidity.

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