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This mid-century hi-fi stereo is stunning

This mid-century hi-fi stereo is stunning


A classic design with modern technology

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We've written about a lot of gadgets on Circuit Breaker, but this hi-fi stereo console is the first thing that I truly love and need desperately. Department Chicago has created a hi-fi audio system designed to look like a beautiful mid-century stereo and it is exquisite.

The hi-fi Console allows you to connect devices over Bluetooth or via an audio-in connections, and will hit everyone north of 30 with heavy bouts of nostalgia every time you see it. You can even add your own personal touch by customizing the finish and color. Department Chicago has already hit its goal on Kickstarter, but you can still preorder one for $1,695 before the retail price of $2,495 kicks in. The company says it plans to ship the first units in September.