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Watch Android Wear take three hours to boot Windows 7

Watch Android Wear take three hours to boot Windows 7

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Microsoft hasn't put Windows on your wrist just yet, even with the Microsoft Band, but that's not stopping developers experimenting with the possibility. We've seen Windows 95 on Android Wear previously, but nobody wants a 21-year-old operating system on their wrist. Thanks to YouTube member "Hacking Jules," we can now appreciate Windows 7 running on Android Wear.

It takes three hours to boot up Windows 7 onto the 1.65-inch display of LG's G Watch W100, which is probably more time than the battery will last. It's worth the wait to see that little cursor hop around the screen pointlessly, though. Three hours might be a few too many coffees to consume before you get to work on an Excel spreadsheet on your wrist, but the sheer fact it's running at all is impressive.

If you're brave enough to even want to play with Windows 7 on your Android Wear smartwatch then there's a helpful tutorial. For the rest of us, just witness the inherent beauty of Windows 7 taking three hours to boot on a tiny little smartwatch.