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Circuit Breaker

Toyota created a mobile network in the Outback using LandCruisers

65 percent of Australia doesn't have mobile connectivity

The Australian Outback can be a very dangerous place, and that danger can be compounded by the lack of cell signals and Wi-Fi for hundreds of miles. To help remedy the connection issues, Toyota has created the LandCruiser Emergency Network to help bring a mesh-like network to the Outback.

Saatchi and Flinders University partnered together with Toyota to build a new cylindrical device that can be fitted onto Toyota LandCruisers — one of the most popular vehicles in the Outback, with over 90 percent market share in certain areas — and connect together like a giant mesh network. The device uses Wi-Fi, UHF, and Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) technology to create a pop-up network with a range of 15.5 miles, working as a hotspot to bounce a call or a message vehicle to vehicle until it reaches a base station.

The network is designed for situations like medical emergencies or disaster response. The LandCruiser Emergency Network is currently being tested in the Outback to determine its viability and consistency for emergency services.