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New Nvidia Shield Tablet may be on the way

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It looks like Nvidia is working on a new tablet. FCC filings show Nvidia trying to get clearance for a new tablet that's very similar in size to its existing Shield gaming tablet. It seems like a pretty fair guess that this could be a successor.

It's about time for a new model

Though we know next to nothing about this tablet so far, the filing does reveal its dimensions: 120mm wide by 215mm tall. For comparison the current Shield Tablet is 126mm by 221mm. That suggests the outline we're seeing here may be depicting a refreshed model with a body that's slightly smaller all around.

The Shield Tablet has a somewhat bumpy history. It was announced in 2014, and then in 2015 was widely recalled due to potential fire issues. It went back on sale late last year — and even though it was a year-old device, we still thought it was pretty good. Nvidia seems to be aware that people like the Shield, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see a new model come along with a tweaked design and updated specs.

Correction May 13th, 2:50PM ET: Not all Shield Tablet units were covered by the recall, as this story initially stated. Only the approximately 88,000 units with a specific battery were recalled.