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Periscope now lets you broadcast from a DJI drone

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Periscope added GoPro support earlier this year, allowing drone owners to mount one of the cameras and live stream to the service. If you own one of the more recent DJI drones though, Periscope will now natively connect to the drone's remote to broadcast footage live. In an app update this week, the new feature will let you switch between the drone's camera and your iPhone camera, and even sketch on the video to highlight points of interest.

The latest Periscope update also adds in search. Surprisingly, the live streaming service only ever had a map you'd have to manually scroll around if you wanted to see interesting footage from a sporting event from a particular country or breaking news. The new search function will make it easier to locate live streams, and find topics that are being used for broadcasts. Periscope's latest app update is available immediately from the App Store.