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Samsung might bring its 'eye-catching' Charm wearable to a country near you

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Samsung's Charm fitness tracker counts steps and tells you when you're getting a call, text, or social media update. But this isn't just a regular wearable, Samsung says. No, this one has a "sleek design" and looks more like a "piece of jewelry than an electronic device." Hm. Ok.

It comes in gold, black, and rose quartz. It's unclear whether rose quartz is the same as rose gold. The bands initially launched in Korea, Italy, France, and Russia. Samsung says it plans to expand the release but hasn't said to where exactly. The company also has some style tips for wearing the band: "Wear it alone for a sophisticated look, or layer it with other trendy bracelets to complete an outfit that's uniquely you." Or at least as "uniquely you" as a mass-produced fitness tracker can be.