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Circuit Breaker

Check out this amazing keyboard created in partnership with Porsche Design

The mPiano

Alpha Piano has partnered with Porsche Design to create the mPiano, a truly stunning work of technology and design. An actuator sits underneath each key allowing the user to adjust the resistance and pitch of each key via an iPad app. You can even change the feel of the entire piano at will, switching from a grand piano to a church organ, or even a synthesizer.


Each key also features polyphonic aftertouch — sliding a finger up or down a key can tweak the vibrato and change the volume. Although Alpha Piano hasn't disclosed pricing, the mPiano won't be cheap — Porsche Design's last grand piano cost $272,699 when it was released, but hopefully the mPiano won't be that costly. Lady Gaga already preordered one and I doubt she wants to spend $300,000 on a keyboard.