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Huawei's Honor A1 band is a leather fitness strap for your wrist

Huawei's Honor Band A1 is a fitness tracker that'll be released in China on May 25th. It does fitness tracker things, like logging activity, monitoring sleep, and helping count calories. The Honor Band A1 also includes one slightly unique feature — a UV light sensor — that tells users about the sun's strength and when they should lather on sunscreen. That being said, multiple other fitness trackers already come with UV sensors.

Huawei Honor Band A1

The silicone version is only 99 yuan, or $15, and the leather version is 199 yuan, or $30. Both versions are screenless.  It looks fairly comparable to other fitness trackers style-wise. It's definitely not pushing any boundaries. It vaguely reminds me of a dog collar, too, which maybe is the next big look?