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Lenovo might release two sizes of the next Moto G

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The Moto G was Motorola's most popular phone back in the final era when "Motorola" still existed. So it would make sense that Lenovo wants to capitalize on that success. Some leaked images and FCC filings point to the next Moto G being offered in two sizes, with a larger "Plus" model meant to compete with the army of existing phablet-sized Android phones. According to frequent leakster @evleaks, the below photo is of the regular-sized Moto G; you can tell it apart from the "Plus" version by its lack of a physical home button. That square-shaped button has been seen on leaked photos of the upcoming Moto X and the 4th-generation Moto G.

Meanwhile, other recent leaked stuff suggest that the Moto X will feature some type of smart connector that allows for various modular "cases" to be attached to the upcoming flagship. Some or all of these devices could be announced at Lenovo's upcoming conference in June, so hopefully it won't be long before we see what Motorola looks like firmly under the company's ownership.

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