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Razer is opening a RazerStore in San Francisco to sell Razer things

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Razer's one of the biggest names in PC gaming, and now it's getting a concept store in San Francisco to show off its wares. There are already a few RazerStores in Asia, but the Westfield San Francisco Centre is Razer's first move Stateside. The store will, of course, have all sorts of Razer products available for perusal, but more importantly it will offer freely available gaming stations. "Store patrons are invited to stay all day and play games on-site," Razer states in its press release. So it's like a library, except the keyboards light up, you can play more than Flash games, and maybe you'll buy an expensive pair of wireless headphones.

There will also be weekly gaming events at the store, and Razer is offering a bunch of giveaways for the opening weekend. If you're in San Francisco you can immerse yourself in the green glow of gaming accouterment beginning May 21st.