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The Acanvas art display is pretty nice and also creepy

The Acanvas art display is pretty nice and also creepy


Acanvas was spun out of LG

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If you love art but can't decide what to hang on your wall, well today is your lucky day. Acanvas is a customizable art display that can stream a rotating selection of curated artwork. The eponymous company is a spinoff of LG and has launched a Kickstarter to raise funding. Users can choose to display artwork from various artists through a $10 per month subscription service (backers get the first year free), or show photos from their phones through the companion app. You can also add different frames to Acanvas to match the decor of your home.

Acanvas Charger

Acanvas also comes with a self-charging system, and that's where it gets kind of creepy. After everyone goes to sleep — it charges when it detects darkness via an ambient light sensor — the charging dongle slithers down the wall into a charging station plugged into an outlet. Effective? Yes. Kind of creepy? Definitely. Acanvas will cost $499 when it officially goes on sale, but backers can get it for as low as $299 through Kickstarter. Acanvas expects to ship its first units to customers this October.