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Meizu's Gravity wireless speaker channels Buddhist zen

But power cords are the antithesis of zen

Meizu's Gravity wireless speaker uses a prism Meizu

Meizu wants you to find zen through its Gravity speaker design. Users can wirelessly stream from Spotify,, or SoundCloud by pairing with the speaker over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Gravity also comes with an iOS and Android companion app for remote control. But really, the details aren't as impressive as its design. Meizu says the Gravity "floats," but I think that's a bit generous. What it does do is use a prism to display whatever you're streaming. A prism! Okay, that's cool. Also from "certain angles" the whole speaker can look like it's floating. The mandatory power cord throws that illusion off, though. (It's notably missing in these stock photos.)

The actual speaker is the product of Meizu's partnership with Dirac. It comes with a 20-Watt bass and a 70Hz to 20Khz range. Still, most people are probably buying this speaker for its design. Preorders start at $169. Make sure you have a Bonsai tree at home to complement it well.