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This smart mirror prevents you from leaving the house with obvious contouring marks

This smart mirror prevents you from leaving the house with obvious contouring marks

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Wearing makeup is a fantastic burden. It hides blemishes and makes us look alive when our faces are bloated and sallow from a late night. But it can also backfire and result in an Oompa Loompa face if done in the wrong light. Seriously, don't do your makeup in the dark. Simplehuman launched a smart mirror this past year to help prevent that all-too-real situation.

The Sensor Mirror Pro Wide-View connects to Wi-Fi to let you control the color temperature of its light from your phone. Its companion iOS and Android app captures lighting in the places you frequent, like work and, uh, I guess the subway, to show you how your face will look when you're there. Props to you if you look good in a subway because wow I didn't know that was possible. Maybe with this mirror, though! Simplehuman suggests you also recreate the light from your gym because you should be made up at the gym, if only to see what your makeup looks like when it pools into a cakey mess on your chin.

The mirror automatically begins simulating natural sunlight when you're seated in front of it, the company says. (Pro makeup tip: also try to do your makeup near natural sunlight.) So Sensor Mirror Pro isn't cheap — it costs $400 — but it's also trying to simulate the sun. That's an undertaking. I think I'll stick to doing my makeup in the corner of my bedroom near a window, but if you have money to burn and a vanity begging for a new addition, this might be a cool product to check out.