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Lenovo will reportedly ditch the Moto X name and switch to Moto Z

Lenovo will reportedly ditch the Moto X name and switch to Moto Z

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Lenovo's reportedly working on a pair of next-generation Moto X successors with modular add-ons, but when the company's next flagship smartphones make their official debut, they might ditch the "X" part. VentureBeat reports that the two new Moto phones — not counting the just-announced Moto G, Moto G Plus, and Moto G Play — will be branded as the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play. If that's not enough of a change, get ready for the Moto Z Droid Edition. The report claims that Verizon's storied Droid line will ditch its trailing names like "Turbo" and "Maxx" and just add "Droid Edition" to Lenovo's branding.

The Moto Z Style, codenamed Vector Thin, will reportedly be the more premium of the two phones. The Moto Z Play, codenamed Vortex, will have pared down features in comparison. So at least that part of the naming scheme kind of follows the strategy Motorola took with the X line last year.

And VentureBeat's latest report clarifies that the modular accessories, which will come in the form of snap-on cases, will be branded as "MotoMods" rather than the "Amp" name that was floated previously. So it's nice to see Lenovo keeping the "Moto" name around for more than just the devices themselves, even if the company's plan seems just a little too crazy and confused. Those modular extras are rumored to include a camera grip with optical zoom, improved stereo speakers, and even a pico projector for projecting videos to the wall.

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