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Every time a photo of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active leaks it gets uglier

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Who is asking for this color scheme?


Two weeks ago, blurry photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 Active in camo leaked, and it wasn't a particularly pleasant sight. Now we have an official shot of the S7 Active thanks to Evan Blass, and somehow Samsung and AT&T — which is the exclusive carrier of Samsung's Active line — have managed to make those camouflage shots look appealing in comparison.

This color scheme is truly awful in ways that just can't be accidental. I'm sure Samsung and AT&T will be targeting the military or defense contractors with this "desert camo" color, and a phone that looks like it would be at home in the desert could be appealing in some way, but they could've tried a bit harder to make it even remotely appealing to people who don't spend the bulk of their time in 120 degree weather.

Hopefully a simple black or white version is in the works.