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Circuit Breaker

GauntLev is literally a gauntlet that levitates particles

Researchers in the UK have created gloves that rely on acoustic levitation to make particles float in mid-air. They're calling the device the GauntLev, or Gauntlet of Levitation; not only does it make particles float but it also allows wearers to capture the particles, move them around, and combine them. This technique relies on sound waves reflecting off one another to create a standing wave, which holds the particle in the air. They also created two other configurations — "ultra tongs" and "sonic screwdriver" (in a nod to Doctor Who) — that produce the same results as the gloves.

The researchers imagine their findings will allow people handle dangerous or fragile materials without actually touching them. I'm imagining a day where we're all X-Men that can make particles float in mid-air. Wearables, aren't they fun!