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Samsung’s first mirror displays are now being used in a hair salon

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Samsung has been experimenting with mirror and transparent displays for years, but mostly in concept form. While we saw a pair of impressive 55-inch mirrored and transparent OLED displays last year, Samsung is revealing the first commercial installation of its mirror display today. A hair salon in Seoul, Korea is using four of Samsung's 55-inch mirror displays to make haircuts a little more entertaining.

The mirror displays will show different styles, colors, and information on the latest cuts for customers to pick and choose from. When the displays aren't providing information, they'll look like regular mirrors for the salon. Samsung is planning to sell its mirror displays to businesses specializing in fashion, furniture, interior design, and retail in the third quarter of this year.

We've seen a variety of mirrored displays over the years, but the OLED panels help improve viewing angles and offer better contrast. Coupled with Intel's 3D RealSense cameras, it's easy to imagine these could eventually provide virtual changing rooms or truly interactive displays for retailers.

Samsung mirror display