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Speck's foldable Google Cardboard equivalent is shipping now

It fits in your pocket!

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Speck Pocket VR

Google Cardboard is an easy foray into VR — most anyone with a smartphone can use it, and it can be built at home for cheap. But still, that headset is often relegated to a desk or closet somewhere, especially because it's burdensome to carry around. Speck's new Pocket VR looks to make Google Cardboard's design less cumbersome by making it foldable. The company debuted Pocket VR at CES this year. It's shipping now. The headset comes bundled with a CandyShell Grip case, which you'll need to use Pocket VR, for $69.95 and can fit either an iPhone 6 / 6S or Galaxy S7.

Dodocase created a similar headset earlier this year. Its SmartVR, which is made of black nylon, costs $60 for two headsets. Both Pocket VR and SmartVR cost significantly more than Google Cardboard, so hopefully you're really committed to watching VR on the go.