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Oh, so that's why I never wanted to see inside my mouth

Oh, so that's why I never wanted to see inside my mouth

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Mouths are a mysterious place. I don't look inside mine, really, and my dentist probably knows things about me I never could have imagined. I'm okay with that. But now, a company called ONVI plans to break our collective mouth ignorance with its new connected electric toothbrush, the Prophix, which allows brushers to stream video footage as they navigate their mouth. Its wide view can show three teeth at once for a true action shot, or brushers can zoom in on one particular tooth.

Prophix pairs through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and requires its iOS companion app. An Android version is still in development. You can preorder the brush and four different heads for $299 with it eventually retailing for $399. For comparison, non-connected electric Sonicare and Oral-B toothbrushes cost anywhere from $25 to $190. Though Prophix is clearly more expensive, this is likely a product for people with oral issues that require constant monitoring and care. I don't think just anyone wants to stream their teeth, or maybe they do. Personally, I want to keep that land an unexplored one.

Correction May 19th, 9:56AM ET: Updated company name to ONVI.