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Siri for OS X revealed in leaked screenshots

Siri for OS X revealed in leaked screenshots

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Apple is rumored to be preparing to add Siri to its next version of OS X. While we should get an early look at Siri on OS X during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, MacRumors claims it has obtained screenshots showing Siri on a Mac. A black-and-white Siri logo appears in the menu bar, with a dock icon providing Siri's waveform with a splash of color.

MacRumors says clicking on either icon will launch the virtual assistant, and provide a Siri waveform to let users know the assistant is listening. A "Hey Siri" option has also been discovered in Siri's settings, but the option is disabled by default. MacRumors warns that Siri is in early development on OS X, and that the icons could change. Apple is expected to support all of the same Siri commands found on iOS.

Siri OS X Menu bar (MacRumors)

If the images are genuine then it's clear Apple is taking a slightly different approach to Microsoft in bringing its virtual assistant to the desktop. Microsoft integrated Cortana directly into the search interface for Windows 10, but Apple appears to be separating the two with separate icons to launch search and Siri in the OS X menu bar. That might change by the time the next version of OS X ships, but we're expecting to see exactly how Siri functions on the desktop at WWDC next month.