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Circuit Breaker

Broncolor announces the Siros L, a fully wireless monolight

No external power supply needed

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Battery-powered monolights are becoming more common in photography these days, and Broncolor's Siros L is the latest addition to that family of products. The Siros L is special in a few ways; it has a built-in, interchangeable lithium-ion battery and doesn't require an external unit, and the light can be controlled wirelessly via the bronControl app.

The Siros L comes in two versions, the 400L and 800L. Users will get 440 full-power flashes out of the 400L, and 200 from the larger 800L. The battery can be fully recharged in 75 minutes and the Siros L is fully compatible with all of Broncolor's Siros modifiers.

As you'd expect, the Siros L won't be cheap; the 400L will cost you $2,053, and the 800L is $2,347. An extra battery will run you $290 each. The Siros L will ship out on July 1st, but you can preorder the Siros L today on B&H.