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This real-time translation earpiece may or may not help you woo foreign cuties

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The buzziest new thingamajig making the viral rounds this week is the Pilot, a smart earpiece that can translate conversations between two people speaking different languages — in real time.

Obviously, tech like this would be extremely useful for everything from hospitals to airports to mixed-language underground bunker situations. But the main use the creator — Waverly Labs' Andrew Ochoa — had in mind is much more important: meeting foreign cuties, y'all!

hey pretty stranger, can i ask you to put this object in your skull?

In a video about the earpiece, Ochoa explains, "I came up with the idea for a translator when I met a French girl." Cute! There is nothing more endearing than when a dude blushes, smiles, then firmly states "Put this in your ear." Am I right, folks?

The Verge gadget fans have been a little skeptical about the device — it hasn't launched its Indiegogo campaign yet or provided demos to news outlets, and there's an aura of "too good to be true" around it — but it's very possible that it's real. You need a phone to pair with the earpiece, and it seems to simply send phrases to a translation service and then play them back. Hopefully we'll have a demo to play with soon (catch me running through Times Square, charming tourists).

french girl