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I taught Paul how to use a selfie stick

I taught Paul how to use a selfie stick

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Selfies, while seemingly easy to achieve, are a modern art form. Anyone who's taken one knows a quality selfie isn't easy to snap off. A good shot requires patience, proper lighting, and a clear idea of what your face looks like at different angles. Paul has only taken between five and 10 selfies in his life. Unbelievable, I know. So when I discovered an automated selfie stick on YouTube, I knew it was my opportunity to teach him the selfie way.

Here's the thing about Selfie Stick UnREAL, it's not going to be mass-produced or sold to the public. It's a prototype meant to promote the new season of the Lifetime show UnREAL, but still, it's a cool idea! I can't believe someone hasn't already invented one. This selfie stick does more than just extend. It comes with LED lights to brighten the shot, as well as fans to give users a windblown look.

The company behind the stunt, Thinkmodo, coordinated with an outside firm to create the stick. It took three and a half months to manufacture and as you can see in the video below, was built entirely from scratch using 3D printing and custom wiring. It runs on AAA batteries and communicates with the phone through Bluetooth.

Ok now for the juicy part of this post. Our selfies!! Check out our art below.